Scandinavian Caramel – this is how it was born

Over the last few years, when I went to the garment shop and I went often. I faced a challenge that no brand had products that would fulfilled all the criteria that were important to me. I might be very demanding.

Shapes, sizes that fits, unique design, and all those combined with a reasonable price. These four factors I have always considered when making purchasing decisions.

So as a designer I took the challenge and designed my first Scandinavian Caramel collection. I also listened to other customers with a delicate ear and I gave feedback, combined with my own vision to guide design. I also made essential material choices and the end result has been interesting for my buying customers from the beginning. I have learned that the product must look good, otherwise it will not be purchased. But the product should also feel good and be timeless, otherwise it will not be used. The collection has once more become more desirable.

I also wanted our Caramel products to last a long time – a clear alternative to the so-called disposable items. Quality distinguishes the style from the momentary fashion. My promise to you is that you look beautiful in Caramel. Timelessness, personal style, combinability and quality are the Caramel keywords!

The Finnish design tradition also gives its starting point to the Caramel collection. I’m excited to have the opportunity to design a comprehensive collection is just for you – conscious style, quality and timelessness esteem, adult woman.

It is also important that I personally know the faces and names of every tailor and artisan. I choose materials that are responsibly produced, traceable materials. I also guarantee you an ethically sustainable, transparent Caramel production process. Our values honesty and transparency​​ answers the key questions of time: responsibility and redemption of promise.